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  • This in depth course was developed in accordance with the Oklahoma Home Inspection Licensing Act (OS 59:858:622 et.al) and regulated by the Oklahoma Rules for Home Inspectors (OAC 158:70)

    Home Inspection

    This course provides you with the basic understanding of Home Inspection. The following course is approved by the Oklahoma Licensing authority as the Basic Course for the trade of Home Inspection.

    To apply for this course, you must send an email to hits@cox.net. Once enrolled by the administrator, you will receive an invoice and will be required to pay for the course prior to starting. Enrollment information should be according to the following format:

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  • Home Inspection

    To apply for this course, you must send an email to hits@cox.net. Once enrolled by the administrator. Enrollment information should be according to the following format:

    Zip Code
    Contact Information:
    Primary phone:
    Email address:



You will study the following subjects during this course.

1. Home Inspection Introduction
The student will view a video done by Jack Werner that reviews Home Inspection.

2. Oklahoma Law and Oklahoma Standards of Practice
The student will read, review and take a quiz regarding the Laws and Regulations for Home Inspectors in Oklahoma. The Minimum Standards are presented in the State Regulation. Each student should download and make a resource book to review continually as they proceed in the course and when they eventually become a licensed home inspector.

3. The Inspection Report
The student will learn that the report is the most important document of the home inspection process. Conveying what is found must be in writing. The report prevents issues from arising after the inspection is performed.

4. Hands On Inspections
The student will attend 5 live ongoing home inspections. These inspections are performed on properties that have just come into the market and an inspection by a professional has been requested. There are no standby properties for training purposes. Student may accompany as many inspections they require to understand the application of the rules and the systems necessary to conduct inspections.

5. Soils and Foundations
The student will learn the requirements to inspect the foundation and if any grading and drainage issues are or conditions can seriously affect the foundation.

6. Exterior
The student will learn how to inspect exterior components of a property and determine if adequate water shedding conditions are present to prevent damage to these components.

7. Roofing
The student will learn the different styles of roofing and proper inspection points.

8. Plumbing
The student will learn how to inspect the plumbing system.

9. Electrical
The student will learn how to inspect the electrical system of a residential property.

10. Heating and Ventilation
The student will learn about various heating systems and how to inspect the proper venting of these heating systems.

11. Air-Conditioning and Heat Pumps
The student will learn about air conditioning systems used with residential proeprty.

12. Interior
The student will learn the inspection points of interior components such as walls, doors, drawers, windows and cabinets.

13. Insulation and Ventilation
The student will learn about the various types of insulation and proper attic ventilation.

14. Appliances
The inspector will learn about installed appliances and what to observe for proper operations.

16. Swimming Pools and Spas
The student will be made aware of the intricacies of swimming pools and spas.

17. Termites and Other Wood Destroying Insects
The student will learn about wood destroying inspects and their affect on property.

18. Environmental Considerations
The student will learn about environmental issues that can affect residential properties.
This Home Inspection Basic Licensing course must be completed within 60 days from start. It is designed to prepare you for licensure as a home inspector (States that do not have legislation for registration and licensing can be found at this link: http://www.homeinspector.org/stateregulations/default.aspx ). Some states require only proof of completing an educational course or a course with specific number of hours. There is registration, licensing or nothing. Properly conducted, this course may meet minimum essential knowledge necessary to become a basic qualified residential inspector. It is considered highly informative and beneficial to locate a local home inspector and try to get permission to do ride-along inspections. This course is web based. You must obtain the reference material prior to beginning this course. This course augments the reference material and as a stand alone course does not provide the essential information.
  • You will need good access to the internet. This may be achieved through high speed internet connections. Use of dial-up and DSL connections may require extended periods of download to ensure proper and complete download of course material.

  • At the end of this online course, you will have a basic knowledge of Home Inspection. You may not wish to become licensed or registered as an inspector because you just need the skills to conduct your own investment or purchase inspections.

    In order to have a quality learning experience in your online course, your computer needs to meet or exceed the following software requirements:

    1. Adobe Acrobat (Free Download).
    2. Power Point Viewer (Free Download).
    3. High speed internet connection.
    4. Sound capability from your computer.
    5. Headset or speakers.
    6. Internet Explorer 6 or greater (Free Download).


    ****Do not attempt to complete this course without the required text references.******

    Required Text

    Below are links to several distributors. You may order from whoever you like. You are responsible for obtaining the text books prior to beginning this course.

    1. Burgess, Russell W. Real Estate Home Inspection Mastering the Profession, 5th edition. Dearborn. To order, call (313) 836-4400 or go online to http://www.dearbornre.com/. Request ISBN 0-7931-6825-2, or Reorder number 1531-0105.


    2.The Illustrated Home

  • http://www.amazon.com/Illustrated-Home-Carson-Dunlop/dp/1419589199

  • 3. CODE CHECK An Illustrated Guide to Building a Safe House


    4. The exam prep book contains hundreds of potential questions you will encounter taking the "National Home Inspection Exam". This excellent resource should be considered if you are to complete the testing. Check with your individual state requirements regarding what testing is required for your licensing or registration.


*Follow the Course Outline: This course will prepare you with the minimum knowledge to become a residential home inspector. You will study Exterior Systems, Interior Systems, Roof Systems, Structural Systems, Electrical Systems, Plumbing Systems, Attics, and Foundations. You will be familiarized with proper reporting systems. Additionally we will instruct inspection of Swimming Pools and Environmental issues associated with residential properties.

Instructor Information: Your instructors are licensed Oklahoma Home Inspectors, Fred Ayers license number 214 and Jack Werner, license number 255. Fred is the Past Executive Director of the Oklahoma Residential and Commercial Inspection Association (ORCIA)from 2007 until 2013. Jack is the owner of A-Z Inspections and is the twice Past State President for ORCIA. Between Fred and Jack they have inspected nearly 7,000 residences and 100s of commercial properties. They also teach Inspection courses at other local technology centers. You will find that both of these instructors are passionate about inspecting and doing it properly.

Hands on Inspection Opportunities: Hands on inspection lesson is found within the course. It is highly recommended that you perform as many hands on inspections (ride along) as possible. The more exposure to Home Inspection processes you attend and observe the easier it is to understand the minimum requirements of conducting a home inspection.

DISCLAIMER: The publishers and writers of the publications in this training program do not compensate the instructors or Home Inspection Training Specialists (HITS) in any way. These publications are used by your instructors for teaching purposes only.

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